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My Success Movement is the Femalesí platform to understand themselves and for Males species to understand their Feminine counterparts. We move together to learn from each other.

The Movement embraces every woman who is available to be inspired and to inspire others in all aspects of the womanís journey, itís for all females in our country and the world.

Success has different meaning to and for different people, which has made it easy for me to use the word SUCCESS. We all have successes in our little corners of our life, which need to be celebrated and enhanced.

My Success is just an idea that is influenced by the fact that one way or the other in life I have succeeded, you have succeeded, irrespective of how little that was or is. The inspiration is to encourage women to live their dream and see the possibility in that dream.

Women lets live our dreams. We have the power that can transform this earth into four corners. We created the livelihood and we must live it

My main agenda is to inspire women, young and old to aspire to be more. We are the crafters of our own destiny. it is a universal knowledge that we rule the world from behind.

I am inspired by women before, around and after me. The impact they have in me would not allow me to deprive others the same. I have leant and inspired to be a daughter, woman, a mother, a wife, a friend, a business woman and partner, a spiritual being and all others that people see in me.  

" If you can dream it, you can live it, itís reachable.Ē

 My Success Movement  -  Shirvila Media  P.O.Box 2885   Rustenburg   0300   NorthWest Province    South Africa 
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